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Scale-Out Solution 115™

  • Removing scale safely and effectively is one of the most difficult processes (yet most important) for a non-professional to complete successfully. We developed this unique and proprietary blend application to speedily remove mineral deposits without excessively increasing corrosion rates, unlike mineral acid based de-scaling compounds.
  • This product contains specific and strong corrosion control agents for ferrous and non-ferrous metals that work side by side with the scale removal agents providing your system with protection as it de-scales the metal heat transfer surfaces.
  • You will not find a more user friendly de-scaling product.
  • All "open" systems will collect some deposits over time so a light application (5-10%) periodically is good insurance that you will not experience severe scaling and its related problems. The degree and speed at which scale deposition will develop is entirely dependent on the quality of the water you fill your boiler with. Good quality resin-softened water may need a touch up with Scale-Out only once every 4+ years while water which is chronically wrecking hot water heaters and plugging faucet screens in your house may need more frequent use of Scale-Out. Be preventative in regards to scale because once your outdoor wood boiler is noticeably scaled you will have a situation that will need immediate and possibly costly attention.
  • It is highly recommended that a system that has been in use and has not been chemically treated previously be de-scaled completely before starting Treatment Solution 101™ or any treatment for that matter. Excessive scale will reduce the effectiveness of all chemical water treatment program products.
  • Scaling and the resultant corrosion under the scale is the #1 problem affecting the efficiency and longevity of your outdoor wood boiler investment. Scale will destroy your system metals and decrease it’s ability to efficiently produce heat.
Dosage: 5-25 % of total system water capacity depending on severity (amount and type) of scale deposition

Directions for use: Allow space (volume) for the addition of Scale-Out Solution 115™ to your system by draining an appropriate portion of your system water. Add Scale-Out Solution 115™ directly to your system. Circulate and fire your system, warming the water to aid product effectiveness. Foaming, an increase in turbidity, and a rise in pH are good indicators that active scale removal is occurring. When the system pH reaches 7 to 8 on a Wood Boiler Solutions approved pH test add more Scale-Out Solution 115™ to continue cleaning. Repeat if necessary until the system pH stabilizes below a pH of 7 for a period of at least 2-3 hours and then drain and thoroughly flush the system with repeated fresh water adds.  System must then be treated per instructions with Prep Solution 102™ followed by Treatment Solution 101™.

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