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 Sludge Solution 500 Boiler Cleaner (qt)

Price: $20.95


Sludge Solution 500 is a cleaner/dispersant used when your fill water is high in dissolved solids and/or softening is not readily available or where situations warrant in order to keep a clean system and top-notch pump performance and protection.  Or simply, if you have a dirty boiler (scale, sludge, etc).  A catch all preventative maintenance product that doesn't require complete draining of your system after a harse, corrosive acid bath.  Does not interfer with the corrosion protection of the inhibitors in your system (Treatment Solution 101).  Sludge Solution 500 stays right in the boiler with the Treatment Solution 101.  This product is a plus in any "open" system which may see some need for make-up water over the course of a season or is filled with water that has a fair amount of hardness.  Sludge Solution 500 can be used to clean a scaled boiler during operation.  A quart per 200 gallons added each year keeps a tidy boiler.  Non-acid, completely safe for your entire system. Use in any kind of fill water, soft or hard.  Large doses will not harm the boiler but because it cleans so well it may slough off large chunks of gunk which may plug small lines within your system.  Consult directions on product label or contact us for more information.

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