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 Treatment Solution 101G2 Anti-Corrosion Chemical-1/2 gallon BEST BUY

Price: $38.95

New 1/2 gallon (64 oz.) size for larger systems and/or open systems requiring a "boost' now and then to maintain proper level within the boiler. Recommended for "open systems" as dosage requirements will typically be higher.

The G2 treatment solution 101 now contains a specific component that allows chemical detection and chemical level monitoring to be done visually with a simple sample from the system. When you draw a sample from your system the water will be colored various shades of pink (watermelon). Use a white sheet of paper as a background. Strong definitive pink indicates great protection. If only a very light pink undertone appears of if your color has faded from previous sampling, either situation indicates the need for another dose. Remember with G2 overdosing it is not a critical issue. Simple and handy. We still recommend testing the system at least annually as nothing replaces testing to be sure of proper chemical levels and system protection.

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