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 Fill Water Sample Analysis Kit PRETREATMENT/NEW BOILER

Price: $30.95

PRETREATMENT check of the intended fill water of your system to determine the feasibility of your water source for your wood boiler.  Our testing will determine if special considerations should be taken to ensure proper system protection.  Some water sources prove unfit for a wood boiler.  ALL WATER IS NOT EQUAL.  Severe corrosion and scaling problems can quickly compromise your system if the system water is unfit or the chemical treatment program is not fit for you particular system, water, etc.  Full analysis, interpretation and recommendations included and results are mailed to you within 2-3 weeks of receipt of your sample in the provided box.  Some manufactures may require such testing with the purchase of a new boiler prior to filling and adding chemical to ensure things start off on the right foot.

This sample kit is for chemically untreated water and should be taken from your tap, etc.  This sample does not come from your boiler.  

And we make it easy!  Order and wait for the sample kit to arrive.  Draw a sample from you tap, fill out the short survey to provide necessary information for our lab, affix proper postage and wait for the results.  Postage to return your sample is not included.   Your results will tell you what chemical(s) you need and how much to get the job done right.  This item ships free through the USPS.

Wood Boiler Solutions LLC (WBS Labs LLC) assumes no responsibility for keeping records for you.  Keep your records! 

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