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 Boiler Water Sample Analysis Kit**New Lower Price!**

Price: $24.95

We offer professional lab analysis for testing your boiler system water so you don't have to fuss or worry.  Monitoring and maintaining  a system is simple utilizing our services and is a step in the right direction for a sound water treatment program to enhance the performance and longevity of your system.  We perform a complete analysis and send you the results and recommendations.  We make it so easy too!  Just purchase the "Boiler Water Sample Test Kit" from our store and we send you out the kit.  When the kit arrives take a sample per the easy to follow directions, package it up and mail (return postage not included) and we mail you back complete results with interpretation and recommendations.  (allow 2-3 weeks for results)

This kit is to test your chemically treated boiler water and assess its performance and "level" or concentration in your boiler.  Find out if you have enough chemical in your system and whether or not it is working.

Some manufacturers require an annual test of your system and this will provide the documentation of your system care and maintenance.

This testing procedure will give you complete results and recommendations so you can be assured your system is in top shape for the long haul.  This item ships FREE via USPS!

Wood Boiler Solutions LLC (WBS Labs LLC) assumes no responsibility for keeping records for you.  Keep your records! 

NOTE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE:  YOUR CHEMICAL PRODUCT MUST BE AT LEAST TO SOME DEGREE NITRITE BASED for us to accurately analyze the sample.  If your chemical product contains no nitrite then we would suggest you contact your chemical manufacturer for testing services.

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