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 Biological Fouling Test

Price: $7.95

Easy to use and accurate dipslide test method which indicates presence of harmful biological growth within a system.  Biological growth fouling accelerates system corrosion and degrades chemical performance.  The test measures infection level of bacterias and mold/yeasts.  Harmful biological growth outbreak can occur within an "open" or "closed" system.  Systems are most prone to problems of infestation during the low-fire or down season of summer.  Realize that draining a system alone does not rid the system of the problem.  The biofilm that remains quickly reinfests the system.  Positive test results require that the system be drained and refilled adding proper dosage of Biological Solution to the system.  Many ignore this aspect of maintenance with their boiler and wonder why their chemial level always drops off so fast.  Bacteria get hungry too!  Test includes one dipslide, comparison chart to read results, and complete easy to follow directions.

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