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 New Style Treatment Solution 101G2 Nitrite Test Kit

Price: $22.95

NEW IMPROVED KIT FOR FALL 2016:   Kit will perform approximately 10 separate tests at 1000ppm Nitrite.  Very accurate and easy to use.  Compatable for testing chemical levels of Treatment Solution 101 OR 101G2 within a system.  Will work with other nitrite based chemical products as well.

This method directly tests level of chemical additive and is free from interferences.  NOTE:  Kit does have an expiration date AND should be stored at room temperature.  Use of expired test reagents can result in erroneous results which are typically higher than the actual.  MEANING: an old test kit will tell you that you have more chemical in the system than you really do which puts your system in a state of unprotection.  We sell a very inexpensive refill to solve this problem. 


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