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New Product Bulletin

New Product Bulletin

OCT 1, 2016

NOTE:  101G2 is completely compatible with previous formulations of 101 (ie "old" 101)

Ten years ago Wood Boiler Solutions LLC broke into the wood boiler industry with the original and innovative after market water treatment product, Treatment Solution 101TM. The results have been great and we appreciate all the kind words and testimonials of our customers for not only our products but our customer service as well. Now we are posed to change the game again and excited to announce the second generation of the time tested original, Treatment Solution 101G2. We have learned a lot in the 10 years and with this product we further separate ourselves from the “generic” products available within this market. The market is flooded with chemical formulations borrowed from industry and commercial applications that in no way resemble the unique needs of a wood boiler. In other words, you do not treat an atmospherically vented wood boiler the same as a pressurized hot water boiler system in a public school building! So here it is.......Just in time for the SEASON!

Now triple steel protection with a new additive, all three working synergistically to enhance overall performance. The Third Musketeer shows up to do battle with oxygen-rich new water additions. 101G2 has it ..... the others don’t.

New Chemical Indicator Technology (CIT)TM allows the user to monitor system treatment levels by a simple visual inspection of a sample from the system. Sample color has faded you say....simple, add another dose of 101G2. Your test kit and mail box will miss you!!

101G2 has no negative effects from overdosing. Are you one of those guys who likes to “Git R Dun” then get it done with 101G2.

The new additive also helps reduce sludge. Accumulated sludge is why boiler bottoms rot out no matter what chemical treatment product you are using. Chemicals will not penetrate sludge and beneath the sludge is the perfect environment for corrosion to take hold and fester. My mom always said “keep your bottom clean or you will get a rash”.

101G is hardier than the original formula in regards to bio associated attack and related corrosion. When Nitrite degrades it forms Nitrates which bugs find very tasty. Hence our new formula with three levels of protection in case one is compromised. Firewall that won’t get hacked.

Hope you maybe had a chuckle with the information but one thing you should take away from this is...... 101G2 is serious stuff. We are proud to bring it to you and with NO PRICE INCREASE!

Trust your system to the professionals with specific experience in this industry. Best Regards,
Wood Boiler Solutions, LLC

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