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 No Freeze Treatment Solution 201 Boiler Antifreeze w/Anti-Corroison Chemical Added (5 gal)

Price: $165.00

This is 100% concentrated non-toxic propylene glycol formulated with the proper dosage of Treatment Solution 101 Anti-Corrosion Chemical already in it.  Being pure product, adequate burst protection can be achieved with 35% of your system filled with our product.  Compare that to competitors where you might need to fill 50% of the system with their product to achieve the same burst protection.  Most importantly:  our product is unsurpassed in CORROSION PROTECTION.  No Freeze 201 also solves the problem of monitoring corrosion inhibitor concentration (level) in the system.  We add a red indicator dye to the No Freeze 201 product that easily tells you if the system is adequately protected from corrosion.  When the red color of your water is observed faint or disappears, indicating a low level, add an appropriate dose of Treament Solution 101 and you are all set.  It is that simple.  Most competitors talk a lot about freeze/burst protection.  The truth is we are all selling glycol.   But are they providing your system with the proper corrosion protection?   This item may ship separate.  No additional fees apply.  Please allow 7-10 days depending on stock on hand.  Call 920-324-2007 for pricing and shipping arrangements for multiple pail orders(4+) before ordering through the shopping cart.  Multiple pail (4+) orders may see shipping savings by shipping motor freight if this is possible.

Many manufacturers advertise a burst point as a freeze point.  Burst point is what is critical but facts should still be presented correctly.

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